Yes8sg- get engaged with the best event to held

The biggest and trusted online casino going to conduct the exciting event for gamblers

Singapore- 2020- No doubt the joy and excitement of the gambling gamers are going to get double and double as Yes8sg a trusted online casino is going to come up with the wonderful event that earlier no other casino has organized. Of course to make the event more exciting Yes8sg is going to gift the members going to be part of it to make it more special and greatly enthusiastic. The casino is celebrating the Chinese New Year in a unique way with its gamers with new hope and getting more gambling gamer to take part in the gambling gamers. Obviously, this platform is one of the most trusted online casinos among all available in Singapore so many players will be willingly waiting to become a member of it.

Moreover to make the event quite more exciting this legal online casino Singapore is going to invite 4 KOLs (key opinion leaders) to celebrate CNY with gambler from all across the globe with lots and lots of fun and excitements. Those 4 KOLs are josephy_li, tzeqian_c.c, sabee996 and wenxian1015 are popular personalities on Instagram a widely used social media platform. On the Instagram, the details of the event will be posted and shared by these four KOLs to update the gambler worldwide. Instagram is the major focus for those 4 charming and social influencers personalities to share everything about this special occasion.

As these 4 key opinion leaders are having massive followers on their Instagram profile and of course being the popular personalities, people would surely like to view the event content that they will be sharing. In addition to Instagram, the event will also be broadcasted to several other social media platforms. There are many exciting surprises kept hidden for the members of the event and winners. Some of the highlights of the event are herein-

  • Yes8sg best online casino is going to invite the best KOLs to the event to make it wonderful
  • These 4 leaders will be wishing all members a great happier and prosperous New year 2020
  • There is going to be many amazing surprises for the loyal anew one on Jan 2020
  • ‘The promotion on the Chinese new year 2020 on the yes8sg website and KOL Instagram account will be launched
  • The participants of the event will be having chances to win many exciting prizes
  • The bonuses will be there for the new members
  • The information will be broadcasted on the other social platforms

Thus to enjoy the new year 2020 yes8sg as the best online betting Singapore site is going to be the best platform. But remember that if you want to be a member of the event you have to register yourself on the website and book a place for you herein. However, the people who will register themselves will be legally eligible for taking part in it. So don’t think just open up your device and register now before you missed out the golden opportunity to spare the time with the KOLs and celebrating CNY with greater thrilling and excitements.

Of course this way a new gambler will get the chance to explore the online gambling world so that he can well understand it and prepare him or her to become the master and champion of the gambling game.

One can visit to the KOLs Instagram account and see all updates of the event there and of course all post that they share therein. Though these are the smart personalities so surely you would not think of missing the chance to meet those and make your day and New Year quite exciting and memorable with those.

As they are going to be here so the worth of the event is going to increase a lot. Yes8sg is the best online betting Singapore casino that is having many exciting bonus offers, hidden prizes, etc for the gamblers. Each one will be appreciated with some rewards and thus the day by attending the event will become everlasting. Apart from is No 1 online casino Singapore KOLs will be doing their best job to add greater stars to the event.

Yes8sg is the best online casino that is legally licensed and is having large numbers of gamers taking part in it. It is offering plenty of gambling game choices that is enough to have good gaming experience and the best possible time spared with this platform.